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We are UK distributors of professional Biotechnical products and nutrients for the commercial farming, gardening and cultivation industry and for private gardeners and growers. Acorn Wholesale has been trading since mid-2005 as a UK/EIRE Distributor of Ferro Nutrients and Additives, which are competitively priced compared to other nutrients currently available within the industry. In late 2012, Acorn Wholesale took on the UK distribution of a selection of new products from Shieer, a German company specialising in Biotechnical Products.

Our choice of products has been hand picked using our years of experience in the Hydroponics industry. Having worked with a wide variety of nutrient products in the past, we have been able to identify the products that offer the best value and best results to bring you everything you need to support your business or passion and to provide you with a stable crop. ...read more     

Ferro Nutrients

Shieer Fuel Additives

Save On Your Fuel

Ferro is a supplier of custom made plant fertilizers. They offer a great deal of plant nutrients, plant enhancers, pH regulators & bloom boosters, and also cleaners and products for air treatment. They Specialise in Analysis Nutrients which...
Shieer is an innovative company in biotechnology products. Their products are 100% bio degradable, 100% clean and free of chemicals and are being applied in a wide range of commercial sectors, mostly throughout Europe and South America...
Ensuring that your vehicle maintains optimum running condition, Fuel and Oil Additives reduces C02 emisisons, reduces the chance of breakdowns, reduces the noise of your engine and ultimately increses fuel efficiency - saving you 10% to 25% on your fuel costs ...
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Verticle Gardens

Field Fertilising

Cultivating Plants

Once upon a time, a garden would be a fantastic place to play and everybody would have one. Now, however, this space isn’t available anymore and this is leading to a disconnection between children and nature, which could have disastrous consequences...
Planning field fertilising is incredibly important to nutrient managing. After all, it is essential to making sure you get a good yield and high quality crop.Various materials that you add to your own land, for instance soil conditioners, can also add certain nutrients...
Gardening is a fantastic hobby, but you will never get to gardeners that do everything the same way. This is also because there are so many different plants and herbs to choose from and most of these can deal with...
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