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Ferro Analysis Nutrients

Ferro Analysis Nutrients
Developed from analysis of basic water
Stabilizes EC in the substrate
Produces higher yields



Analysis Nutrients is the nutrient made based on the analysis of the basic water (the water used to make the nutrient). Analysis nutrient is the most professional nutrient on the market. Working with analysis nutrient is working without deficiencies or surpluses. Sampling bottles for taking a water sample are available for free. You can request these at any time.

This is specifically designed for the individual grower/farmer using their own water source to analyse and make up a personal nutrient.  

The Process

The grower fills the water sample bottle with 250 ml water that is used to make the nutrients and posts this (in the supplied addressed envelope – postage to be paid) to FERRO in Holland as quickly as possible. The grower can indicate directly on this bottle what kind of substrate he is working on and what kind of nutrient he wants.

The water sample is then coded and sent to the laboratory. Within a few days the results are sent to FERRO and the nutrient schedules are made based on these results. The schedules are then entered onto a computer and the quantities ordered dispensed.This is carried out in an automatic system, with an accuracy of 0.25%! The nutrient is made ready for transport and delivered to the customer. More information about the processing, research and applications can be found on the FERRO website:

NB - Analysis nutrients and in some cases Regional nutrients may be subject to a minimum order of 50 litres in any combination i.e. 2 x 10 Litre Growth + 3 x 10 Litre Bloom – Please call for further information  


*All orders of 20 Litres or over may be subject to further communication. Estimated delivery may be disrupted as we do not stock orders of this quantity.


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