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Oleïn - Fuel Savings

Oleïn - Fuel Savings
Reduce fuel consumption
Increases energy efficiency
Reduces emissions




An oil additive that is a conditioner for the engine. It generates higher engine efficiency, lower engine wear, higher engine durability, less engine noise and limited emission of undesirable gasses. The product is based upon a SAE 30 complex ester and reduces friction at room temperature by 5% and at a temperature of 150 DegreesC by 35%, reducing fuel consumption.


Oleïn can be applied to all engine types.

Mode of Action

Oleïn has a catalytic effect on the ignition process in the engine. It reduces the blow-by up to 90% and the oil consumption up to 80%.

Dosage and Application

Oleïn can be mixed with engine and transmission oils and has no negative effect on the seals.


- Increased engine efficiency
- Reduced fuel consumption
- Reduces strain on engine
- Extended lifetime of engine
- Increased horsepower
- Quieter engine - reducing noise
- Reduces harmful emissions
- Reduced oil consumption by up to 80%
- Improves the lifetime of the oil

*All orders of 20 Litres or over may be subject to further communication. Estimated delivery may be disrupted as we do not stock orders of this quantity.


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