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Osmosis Substrate

Osmosis Substrate
Optimum nutrient level for your region
Produces higher substrate yield
Can be developed for any region within 1 week



Osmosis Nutrients are the nutrients made especially for those who work with osmosis water with an E.c. of 0,0.

Osmosis Nutrients are obtainable in 1, 5, 10 & 20 litres

Osmosis Start
Is the unique starter nutrient for your plants. Available for soil, hydro & NFT-Aero 


Osmosis Growth
Is the nutrient used during the growth phase, also extremely suitable for the parent plant. Available for soil, hydro, coco & NFT-Aero
Osmosis Growth
Is the nutrient used during the bloom phase. Available for soil, hydro, coco & NFT-Aero.


NB - Analysis nutrients and in some cases Regional nutrients may be subject to a minimum order of 50 litres in any combination i.e. 2 x 10 Litre Growth + 3 x 10 Litre Bloom – Please call for further information  



*All orders of 20 Litres or over may be subject to further communication. Estimated delivery may be disrupted as we do not stock orders of this quantity.


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  Regional Nutrient Osmosis Substrate