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The Pick of the Crop for Nutrients

We stock high quality products from the Ferro and Shieer brands and cater to a range of needs from standard fertilisers to machinery and fuel additives. Our choice of products has been hand picked using our years of experience in the Hydroponics industry. Having worked with a wide variety of nutrient products in the past, we have been able to identify the products that offer the best value and best results to bring you everything you need to support your business or passion and to provide you with a stable crop. What's more, our connections to the Netherlands have allowed us to provide the UK with Ferro products that were previously unavailable in the market, and we now complement this collection with Shieer, specialist German Biotechnical products.

Commercial and Environmental Sense

All of the products in the Acorn Wholesale catalogue are chosen because they will support your business in becoming more efficient, more cost effective and closer to becoming carbon neutral. That is why we are a popular choice for the commercial industries. We want to support the UK economy by allowing growers to produce beautiful, healthy stock at sustainable costs. Our Ferro products include a wide range of plant nutrients to support flower and vegetable crops; and the products include bloom boosters and pH regulators. Ferro also bring to the growing industry their particularly innovative Analysis Nutrient, which is a bespoke mixture created in response to a self-taken water sample from your area. Analysis Nutrient prevents surplus nutrients and feeds deficiencies. Our Shieer range of products include fuel additives, Bio activators, cleaners, stimulators and filters and Bio energy products. Shieer’s entire range is free from chemicals and are completely biodegradable; and the Fuel Savings products help reduce carbon footprint by cutting CO2 emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

Cost Savings across your Business

If you are new to our website and would like to learn more about our products and their uses, please contact us and we will be happy to advise and support you. If you have been buying wholesale nutrient and biotechnical products for some time but are now looking to make cost savings then we can help you compare the savings you could make across your production line with Ferro and Shieer products. We also provide fantastic volume discounts and cater for all size orders from 1litre to 20 litres for most of our liquid products.  Our machinery products our provided with a 6 month warranty.

The Birth of Acorn Wholesale - Jacqui Coachworth

I travelled to live in the Netherlands in the year 2000. Naturally, I began to work in the Horticultural business and began to master the Dutch (Flemish) language. As most dutch people will tell you, “it’s the most difficult language in the world”, but Nu is mijn nederlandse heel goed (Now my Dutch is quite good - or so the transport drivers tell me when they deliver our goods).

Having mastered the language and learnt a great deal about the Hydroponic Industry, I decided to stay and lived there for 5 years. Whilst working in the Hydroponic shop, I noticed that we stocked a particular brand for each item of equipment. However, for nutrients, we seemed to stock many different brands. Ferro Regional Nutrients, however, was by far the most popular and was our best seller. Being a ‘made to measure’ nutrient, it was completely unique and was comparable in price to most other nutrient products on the market.

Therefore, when I decided to return to the U.K. in 2005 and start my own Hydroponics Wholesale Business I was asked by the manufacturer of Ferro to take their Nutrients and Additives back to the U.K. with me. Now, we are eight years down the line and word is spreading about this great nutrient. We now have retailers selling Ferro all over the U.K.


Jacqui Coachworth

Managing Director

Jacqui Coachworth Acorn Wholesale Managing Director

E:   info@acorn-wholesale.co.uk
T:    01227 731903
M:   07979 675485

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  Who are Acorn Wholesale?