Shieer Fuel Saving additive


SHIEER® was founded in 1989 in Germany. Shieer is an innovative company in biotechnology products. Their products are 100% bio degradable, 100% clean and free of chemicals and are being applied in a wide range of commercial sectors, mostly throughout Europe and South America.

Their product range includes:

Fuel Savings Oil and fuel additives for higher performance.

  • Engine cleansing

  • Increased fuel efficiency - savings of 10% to 25% fuel costs

  • Increased amount of horse power

  • Reduced noise level of your engine

  • Reduced CO2 emission from 80% up to 100%

  • Reduces the burden on the environment

  • Less maintenance and fewer breakdowns.

Bio Energy Powering methane production, bio-diesel, plant design.

Agriculture Bio stimulators and disease control for field crops and horticulture, animal hygiene and disease control

Water Treatment Bio activators for water treatment, utilization of sludge and odour control

Cleaners Bio Cleaners for professional applications at the highest level

Other Competences Bio Filters, Multiple Step Fermenters, WWTR Design, etc.

The Company SHIEER was founded in 1989.

Shieer is responsible for the production and distribution of basic substances of plant origin through enzymatic procedure.

Our raw materials are defined according to the IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) in accordance with the class of polymers as Glykoronane, with the origin - the materia prima - cellulose and fatty acid compounds. The final products of different salts, esters, and Auxines or substances on saponin character or those of the fuel and Oil additive, are defined according to the OECD - Directive 301 and 402, or other provisions such as EN 590 for fuel.

The provisions of the Union Control for organic products and 9092 according to the EU are met. In addition, the development of biotechnology for air - water - gas - and biomass processing, agriculture and fish farming are a focus of our Activities.


The products of the SHIEER® Group have been extensively tested in the Netherlands and other countries by several authorities and laboratories during many years. There are test results available from (among others): Netherlands - TNO, PBG and BLGG Naaldwijk, SGS, TAUW, IMAC, Boomteeltservice René Jochems; Belgium Proefbedrijf der Noorderkempen; Germany - TÜV, Institute Fresenius.

SHIEER® products are: Bio-WaterClean®, Bio-WaterClean Treatment, BWC-O (odorcontrol), Bio-Crop®, Avena®, F.H.P.®, Bio-Booster, Bio-Clean, Bio-Multi®, DEON, PPL, Bio-Fleur®, Bio-Fertilizer®, Bio-Mest®, BWC-Poultry, Bio-SMV, Bio-Fish, Bio-Horse and the SHIEER Bio Filter®.

All products are made according to the original recipe from 1989

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